Breathing Life Into Your Ethos

Your ethos is the amalgamation of your values - the expression of your true essence. At your deepest core, your ethos is your WHY. We believe in breathing life into your ethos with unforgettable experiences that help you to express that core passion and energy. When you live from your WHY, you are connected to a source that makes you unstoppable. Our job is to help you in that process of expression, using the modality of live events.

Who We Are

Ethos Experiences is a full-service events company helping our clients to create experiences that reflect their truest, aligned and authentic selves. We believe in living and creating from the inside out. Our mission to create lasting community and positive change on a global scale is the driving force behind all that we do.

We are a holistic event production company, creating experiences that nourish and empower the mind, body, and soul. We strive to leave a positive imprint on our planet - socially, economically and environmentally.

What We Do

Our professional team of event planners, onsite producers and inspired creatives build live experiences that invite others to embody and amplify their personal ethos. We create experiences that bring your values, mission and purpose to life in fun and inspiring ways. We create communities that share the same ethos and are inspired to do better, be better, and live better.

We help healers, coaches, teachers, leaders and businesses create experiences that bring their ethos to life. Our goal is to create experiences that truly capture the essence of your WHY and create communities around it that can bring positive change to individuals and the world.

Through live events we build connection.

Through connection we build community.

And through community we build our culture.