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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are powerful tools that can help you gain more clarity and perspective on any situation- past, present, and future. It is my greatest joy to support you in connecting with your innermost truth and living your best life!

You may be wondering, so what’s the difference between these different types of readings? Any question you have can be asked in all of them; It’s just a matter of preference. My suggestion is to choose whichever modality excites you the most! And if you want help deciding, feel free to send me an email or schedule a free discovery call. It is my honor to serve you.

Akashic Records Readings: The Akashic Records or “Spiritual Google” are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. In the Records, I consult with your Master, Teachers and Loved Ones to help you gain clarity and a higher perspective on whatever questions you may have. This is a great tool for connecting the dots between the past, present and future, as well as for exploring different paths of possibilities for you.

Higher Self Readings: In these readings I will connect with your Higher Self and share any messages that he/she has for you. If requested, I can also guide you through a meditation to help you strengthen your connection with your higher self so that you can receive more direct guidance in your daily life.

Future Self Readings: Feeling stuck or at a crossroads in life? Not sure which direction to take? Ask your future self! Through a guided meditation, I will help you connect with your future self so that you can begin exploring different possibilities with a clearer and more embodied perspective.

Card Readings: Using my wide collection of Oracle Cards, we will consult the decks to offer divine guidance on any question you have. You can be as general or specific as you’d like. Common spreads include past, present and future 3-card pulls, 1-card pulls for specific situations, relationship spreads, or more in-depth custom spreads.

Each deck has a unique voice and purpose, as it works with different channels and guides. For example, when using the Goddess Oracle Deck, we will be consulting the Goddesses and I will be channelling wisdom from them. All readings come with prayers, healings and advice to help you move forward.

Card Decks that I work with include: The Chakra Deck, John Holland’s Psychic Tarot, Goddess Oracle Cards, Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards, Earth Warriors, Fairy Tarot, Akashic Tarot, Osho Tarot, Soul’s Journey Deck and more!

You are welcome to choose the card deck you want to use during our call. We can also combine them. It’s really fun!

Relational Healing

Create the relationships you desire by learning conscious communication practices, conflict transformation/ mediation, intimacy work, embodiment/ role play and relational healing through Authentic Relating practices, constellation work and more!

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a world renown healing modality where as the practitioner, I go into the theta brainwave where I access the deep subconscious and connect to the divine to facilitate instant spiritual, emotional and even physical healing.

A session can encompass many things depending on your needs. This may include: energetic clearing, belief reprogramming, cord cutting, sexual healing, inner child healing, ancestral healing, chakra balancing and more.

I received my Basic and Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner Certification in 2015 and have worked with men and women around the world on healing self-worth issues, addictive patterns, family problems, anxiety and more.