Imagine a world where everyone is living from the heart… Living from their truths… Living in alignment with their core values and personal missions…

A world where people are not only supported but celebrated for serving their dharma, sharing their soul gifts, following their calling and living in their highest excitement… A world where you can be who you really are and thrive with the support of a community who wants to see you succeed.

Our Dream is to Support Your Dream.

Ethos Experiences helps bring your vision, mission and intentions to life.

Whether it is a Workshop or a Women’s Circle, our intention is always to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Learn from the best of the best; become the best of the best!



April 6th, 2019 | 1:00- 6:00 PM | Pacific Palisades, CA

As the season changes, so do we. Spring- symbolized by the archetype of the Maiden- is a time of awakening, rebirth, claiming your sovereignty and owning your sensuality. As mother Gaia rebirths herself from her wintery slumber -- so do you, earth mama. We women love to express our colors, our creativity, our shapes, our beauty... So does the earth through her flowers and brilliant shows of seasonal change!

Join Tantric Facilitator & Healing Arts Ceremonialist Hannah Marie Muse for Spring into Sensuality: Awakening to the Power of Your Pleasure, a luxurious women’s Day Retreat at the Water Palace in the Pacific Palisades.

✨ Joining in loving sisterhood, we will… ✨

~ Gather in prayer & sacred ceremony, creating a deeply healing, intentional and magickal container celebrating rituals of Spring, pleasure and rebirth

~ Co-create a safe and empowering space for you to fully express yourself and authentically connect with other likeminded soul sisters

~ Discover why pleasure is a woman’s greatest super power, and how turning on your internal pleasure guidance system can amplify success in all areas of your life!

~ Let go of old stories, shake off the winter, and ignite our pleasure through guided Medicinal Dance

~ Breathe our way into expanded states of Orgasmic Bliss, allowing you to experience greater pleasure within you and in your everyday life

~ Practice Goddess Self-Care rituals that amplify your feminine magnetism, allowing you to effortlessly womanifest your desires with more ease, grace, and flow

~ Delight in delicious vegan snacks & healing feminine elixirs

~ Pamper ourselves in an infrared pool & hot tub, allowing our bodies to fully relax and be at ease

~ Come into the Spring in style with more clarity, confidence and pleasure than ever before!

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March 30th, 2019 | 1:00- 5:00 PM | Venice, CA

Higher self vision boarding goes straight into the core of your desires, helping you create “goals with soul” that bring you lasting joy and happiness cultivated from the inside out. Inspired by the teachings of A Course in Miracles, Maria Felipe (international speaker & author of the best-selling book Live Your Happy) will teach you her proven step-by-step process to living your happy.

✨ In this fun interactive Workshop, you will… ✨

~ Cut through the BS and get to the core of what actually brings you true and lasting happiness (this is not what they teach you in a typical vision boarding workshop!)

~ Learn the secrets to start living your dream life now, no matter your situation

~ Learn how to connect to your Higher Self and create "Goals with Soul"- goals that come from the REAL you; goals that are aligned with your life purpose; goals that will give you true happiness and fulfillment rather than fleeting temporary highs

~ Create your own Higher Self Vision Board: your personalized step-by-step guide for living your best life in 2019 and beyond

~Learn how to truly forgive so you can experience more peace and clarity in your life

~Connect with a community of positive, like-minded people who are excited to share their dreams and help each other thrive

~Receive live coaching from Maria Felipe, who will help you find clarity, move through your blocks and start living your happy now!

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