Imagine a world where everyone is living from the heart… Living from their truths… Living in alignment with their core values and personal missions…

A world where people are not only supported but celebrated for serving their dharma, sharing their soul gifts, following their calling and living in their highest excitement… A world where you can be who you really are and thrive with the support of a community who wants to see you succeed.

Our Dream is to Support Your Dream.

Ethos Experiences helps bring your vision, mission and intentions to life.

Whether it is a Workshop or a Women’s Circle, our intention is always to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

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November 12-17, 2019 | Tulili Retreat Center, Tulum, Mexico

Are you ready to immerse yourself into the lush jungles of Tulum to rediscover who you are + the embodied, sensual freedom you’ve been seeking?

Welcome to Un.done.

Where we undo the negative stories and messages from our past about our bodies, about being in our sensual + sexual expression, about what it means to be safe, about being among other women. In this intimate retreat setting we will learn about who we are as sensual, sexual beings to create our own brand of sexy, liberated, wild women.

Join your guides Embodiment + Sexuality Expert Dr. Cat Meyer, LMFT and DJ/ Music Producer Lena Ozea for an unforgettable 6-day Immersive Retreat where you will…

* Reclaim + Redefine your relationship with your Body, Sexuality + Desires through a holistic science-backed approach to health + healing

* Awaken inspiration and wander as you adventure in Tulum’s mesmerizing azure seas, pristine beaches, ancient ruins, wondrous cenotes and world-renowned nightlife

* Reconnect with your body & rewire your nervous system with daily yoga, self-care practices and healthy homegrown organic meals

* Unlock rigidity, self-consciousness + inhibitions in a safe container where you are fully supported by your guides and retreat sisters

* Unleash your authentic expression through dance & vocal activations

* Take pleasure into your own hands with self-care practices like breast massage and pleasure meditations

* Practice more clear, empowered and embodied communication practices so you can easily communicate your fears, boundaries, needs and desires in your daily life

* Discover your Erotic Map: your personal blueprint of pleasure

* Explore the different archetypes of sexuality + create your own brand of sexy to embody

* Get sexy with your sisters in a Group Boudoir Shoot expressing your sexual archetype

* Leave with an integrated plan of how to maintain maximum pleasure, freedom and embodiment in your everyday life

* Feeling more embodied, empowered, and in love with yourself more than ever before!

Are you ready to re-awaken your inner wild? 🌴🦁